Happy Father’s Day From Ebay???

Broken News: The award for “The World’s Best Father’s Day card” goes to:


Hmm, does that look like Ronald Reagan to you…?

And apparently…


[Brilliant, thank you Neil Tereza & Jakey!] I gather they didn´t have the nose flute on Ebay.

Tell you what, my “Happy Father’s Day Dear Husband” crappy card was so boring, I had to tart it up a bit with private words of romantic wisdom and wit. [Note to Tesco: Let’s have a bigger selection for the old bat to choose from in future eh?] Some of us couldn’t be bothered making a separate visit to “The Card Shop.”

Hang on though, let’s hope we’re not still UK bound this time next year. Perhaps they have more choice in Spanish supermarkets? (Can’t be less).

A few years ago we discovered Father’s / Mothers Day dates vary from country to country. He’ll get a card from Liam and family in Germany in a couple of weeks!

Last time we went to the USA, we’d already had Father’s Day here, then we had another one over there several weeks later.

Second time around = confused.dot.com. Cheeky bugger wanted me to buy him a new TV…

Anyway, I gave him his tarted up crap card and a box of melted maltesers this morning. Well, it’s the thought that counts isn’t it?


Happy Birthday Fathers Day to my wonderful guy…!

Left hugRed heartRight hug

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