The perfect canal side scene?

This is the view from the beer garden of our local pub that backs onto the canal. We walked down there last night and sat outside for a while, no sun yet no wind, so it was bearable.

The vista from our table, beautiful…

2013-06-16 20.38.25

But not 10 yards away from where they would serve us a meal there’s this…

2013-06-16 20.38.11

To get things in perspective, re: The view…

2013-06-16 20.38.01

OK, so it’s a dog poo bin, stuffed with rubbish (as well as poo), with two black bags full of some boater’s shit underneath it. I had to hold my breath when I took this photo, it stunk.

Hopefully the pub has to clean this up for health & safety reasons, but they shouldn’t have to. Can’t help thinking the dog poo bin should be further away from where food is being served though, smelly black bags included or not.

So is this a perfect canal side scene as first impressions show? Definitely not.

Is it typical? Definitely yes, unfortunately…

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