Emails: Occasionally they’re still necessary

Yes, even in these days of private messaging on Farcebook & Tiitter, sometimes emails still rule the waves. Usually when it’s important stuff that requires a lot of waffle, for example:

  • Selling your floating apartment canal boat.
  • Buying a not floating house next to the sea in Spain.

Today I’ve had to email our broker for selling the boat, because we’ve changed it to the one here at the marina. Foot traffic, we need foot traffic. Two things we’ve learned is that thousands of hits on an online account for nothing when it comes to a sale. And neither does my blog, which come to think of it we knew anyway…

Note: Our estate agent in Spain also got an email update today.

So we’ve changed it to the “New & Used” boat company which is based here at Mercia Marina. “Time wasters” welcome, TT might have the “wow” effect on them. She did it for us, we weren’t even looking for a boat at the time, and have spent almost 30,000 quid on hi tech spec and extras since. Mostly necessary, with some not, we just went for luxury and  paid for it big style. No regrets. She’s all ready and waiting for someone to walk on board and move in, including said expensive added extras. We’re taking nothing but personal stuff to Spain.

We had some potential buyers look round already, they were blown away, fell in love with her. But after viewing TT they decided to go for 12 foot wide rather than 10! Well good luck finding a 12 footer at the same standard within this price range. It just isn’t going to happen.

Contrary to that, we’ve dropped the price again, (miffed but realistic), we have the upper hand buying a property in Spain. Much more room for manoeuvre there. (Excuse pun when their properties haven’t got an engine and don’t actually move).

So the conclusion is that someone who wants a brand new widebeam boat can go for a “sailaway” at more than 10 grand under our asking price. But and it’s a big But, they’d have to spend at least an extra 20 grand “plus whatever” getting it up to the same standard of fit out. Whatever the “widebeam” width. End of.

A “sailaway” at “rock bottom” cost is a boat that’s lined inside (woodwork and insulation) with an engine. That’s it. Every other necessary item is EXTRA. (Don’t be fooled).

If you want to buy a widebeam that’s already fitted out to a high standard, without the hassle of buying a sailaway. (Before acquisition and having to pay for the boat builder to fit it out for you). Or god forbid even DO it yourself. Then TT is the answer. Sorted…

Some folks might read this as one massive long advert, but hey it’s the truth…

2 thoughts on “Emails: Occasionally they’re still necessary

  1. Hi Paul & Elaine,

    Thanks for letting me know, I was just about to check it all out myself when I noticed your message!

    Not only have they got that wrong. According to them we've got no side doors, we're missing a radiator. And fuel capacity is 40 gallons when it's 400 litres!!!!!

    Just been on the phone to them, the guy reckons he's updated it but it's still saying the same as yet!

    They'll be getting a visit later on & we won't be ringing the doorbell….!!!!

    Good grief we're gobsmacked!



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