Treading Water

Restoring Reality!

Well after our gobsmacking weird experience the other day, we’ve both spent today house hunting online. It’s a “look forward” frame of mind which had disappeared for a few days. Especially when we discovered our favourite choice had been sold. In hindsight it’s made us realise just how much we want to emigrate to warmer climes.

So it’s back to the drawing board and we’re looking at other similar properties on our estate agents website. We’ve even looked on Right Move, yes they do Spain in their “international” section! As do many others, but they just haven’t got the same choice.

Besides, our English speaking estate agent’s office is right in the centre of Benidorm, and she’s already “on the case” looking for something similar for us. Are we being a bit previous?

Well no, because even beautiful, well built Spanish property from before the “crash” can sit on the market for months, and there’s such a massive choice! So we’re lining up one or two NOW. 

We’ve looked into bank repossessions, but it’s just too risky, there’s so many potential pitfalls, we’ve ruled it out completely.

As desperate as we may be to get the ball rolling, it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to sell TT. We’re not giving her away, in that sense we’re not in any rush at all.

The plan is to rent somewhere in Spain for three months in winter, whether she’s sold or not. When I say winter, I mean the worse one that comes after the one we’re stuck in now – in June.

Temperature in the Costa Blanca as we speak is 27 degrees C. {HUMPH}


Well I must go, we’ve got to phone Liam (our son) and his wife Maddy, to work out dates for going to stay with them in Germany. Should be sometime in July or August, and that’s more important than anything else…! 

Might be able to qualify for “frequent flier” miles at this rate…

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