Flying high again!

We booked our flights a couple of weeks ago to Germany for the 4th time to see our son and family, while he’s on leave. July 22nd to August 2nd. Woo Haa!

Actually it’ll be the 5th time I’ve been there, at the tender age of 13, I went on a school skiing trip to Austria. We landed at Munich airport and got a free guided tour of Germany, in an old coach (with no toilet) on our way to the Alps. But that’s a whole other story! Well go on then, I was really good at skiing. But missed out on the certificate because there was a blizzard at the time and we all missed the flags at the end of the slalom course…

Flags here: I – I

Me here: I – I —-*

And, my best friend broke her leg…

Anyway we booked the airport run taxi today, which is the important thing. Why does it seem more important than booking the flights? Well I suppose it’s because it makes the experience real. The icing on the cake. Everything’s done except packing the right number of knickers in your suitcase.

Frequent flier miles hmm? The plan is we’re going back to Spain for 3 months in January whether TT’s sold or not…

Never mind that, can’t wait to see them now, and it’s only 12 days away! We last saw them here in April, also with our other son Neil and his family…

Aboard TT here’s Ryan allowing mum to wear his sunglasses, so he could try out her real ones…


Where’s Liam? Ah there he is showing Ryan how to play FIFA…


And with big brother Neil when it gets seriously daft…


Altogether there were eight of us having fun, getting out and about all over the place. Even though the weather was mostly crap it didn’t matter…!

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