Treading Water

Dave caught a GIANT whale

So we’re both sat on the bow in the sunshine the other day. Dave was fishing, I was reading, all was serene and peaceful. Imagine the shock when still water suddenly turned to white water. (Grab the raft).

By gum, it took him ages to reel this one in…


Well I reckon he saved it’s life because back in the real world there actually was a big bugger loitering about probably trying to eat it. He (Dave not Fred) would’ve much preferred to catch the REAL whale, but “missed the boat” as it were. (Puny puns rule and all that).

Of course I got the blame re: “The one that got away,” because I was in the middle of telling him about this daft dream I’d had. So he was laughing when the drama unfolded.

Meantime I “caught” a microliter pretending to be a kestrel, might be best not to dive down to catch a mouse though…


Word of the day: DECEPTION…

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