Blooming Bulrushes

Now them’s what you call BIG buggers…




[Taken at Mercia Marina – the pier we walk down to meet up with TT]

So for today’s totally awesome “puny pun” link:

I’ve been rushing round like a bull in a china shop, and so has Dave. Because… We’ve only got two days to go before: Take off 5.15pm our time.

As all us women know, before taking off on a plane into the sunset, one of the requirements for peace of mind? Is to leave your abode in a spotless condition. I think it’s on a par with the ancient adage about wearing clean undergarments in case one has an accident.

Anyway this time it’s a bit different, the place has to shine, shine, shine, and we’re both knackered, knackered, knackered.

Why? Well we’ve left a spare set of keys with “New & Used” boat company here, just in case someone wants to do the Disney Tour while we’re away.

The chances of this actually happening while we’re not here is probably less than one per cent. In fact the chances of it actually happening while we are here is probably the same. So call it paranoia if you like.

The odds are that if we hadn’t done a “deep clean” both inside & out a prospective buyer might notice a spider on the bow. Or a speck of dust on the floor inside and go running for the hills. So TT is now sanitised and gleaming. Just in case.

Well my friends, this is the day I have to say goodbye for two weeks. Tomorrow is all about showering shit off, packing suitcases, and making sure we haven’t forgot anything.

Oh dear, the latter is a bummer isn’t it? Even when you haven’t forgotten anything, you still think you have…

So Auf Wiedersehen! When we come back I might be able to speak English again. That’s amidst learning Spanish, and knowing French, and trying to understand German. It couldn’t be more complicated could it…? 

Just think, two weeks break from Heth’s witty tittering’s wittering’s.

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