German Ducks

Well let’s face it, they don’t look any different to British one’s, maybe they’re all expats and prefer to live over there…

So as we were walking through the park towards the duck pond, Dave quietly stated the other obvious thing: “Where there’s ducks there’s shit.” {No kidding}

Having lived amongst them for the past few years, we’ve discovered they either go on dry land to do the honours, or fire it out from mid air aiming for a boat. As for goose poo, well don’t get me squawking about that. All I can say is, never light a match if a crowd has just waddled past.

Right that’s it,, now we’ve got the poo debate out of the way, let’s look at things from a much more pleasant aspect:  

Surrounded by quackery: At least ducks behave themselves around young children throwing bread…


Ryan thought they were hilarious. With his cheeky laugh, we joined in with the giggling thing, and so did the ducks, all 34 of them…





Run out of bread, but they weren’t giving up asking…


Three generations…


It’s one heck of a fancy duck pond that, they don’t do fountains for Brit ducks…


Coming up tomorrow: A hedgehog playing football. I kid ye not…

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