About that hedgehog I mentioned yesterday?

There we were, sat in Liam and Maddy’s back garden having a drink. (11pm, still 30 degrees C – bring it on), when all of a sudden we heard a little crackling, crunching noise coming closer towards us…

Liam says “Oh it’s just the local hedgehog here for a chat, it comes round nearly every night and is really tame.” So it was, (they often leave a bowl of water out for it). Hard to believe a hedgehog was sat a couple of feet away wanting to join in the party!

As he waddled away back to his corner of the garden, he went on a detour and ended up in Ryan’s football net. We left it a couple of minutes in the hope that “Harry” would turn round, and learn to get out himself. But he started making grunting noises so Liam went to lift the net up. Lo and Behold there were TWO more hedgehogs waiting for Harry on the other side!  

The hedgehog that scored himself a goal, bless…   


Never mind Hawkeye, this manoeuvre requires Hogeye…


Bad photo but free on the other side of the net…


We all felt a bit sorry for him because he was still grunting for a while after, so Maddy put a chopped boiled egg in the corner and they all had a feast.

“Tales of the Riverbank” meets “Tales of the Garden Hedge with Hogs.” So cute, but not quite so cuddly…!

3 thoughts on “About that hedgehog I mentioned yesterday?

  1. Netting like this frequently kills hedgehogs – they often caught up in it and starve to death as a result.

    If you like hedgehogs please do something about the netting.

    It is an endangered species in Britain and there is every possibility that it will become extinct in this island.

    Try removing the netting and putting out food and water for them if you really like them that much.


  2. Hedgehogs cannot digest raw eggs. If hungry they will try and eat them but eggs (and milk) are highly dangerous to them.

    Glad you liked the visitor but you are seriously doing far more harm than good.


  3. Hi camul,

    Well, turns out the “raw egg” was actually a chopped boiled egg, which has been amended on here.

    Chopped boiled egg is endorsed as being good for them by the RSPCA.

    To be fair this wasn't a tutorial about what to feed hedgehogs & milk was never mentioned. I think most people know about that nowadays.

    However, water was mentioned & they need it anyway.

    A much greater danger to hedgehogs are roads, rather than the odd treat given out of kindness.

    The footy nets are now stacked up overnight.

    BTW: As already stated recently on here we were at our son's house in Germany at the time.

    However I suspect the problems are just the same over there re: Endangered species.

    But like I've already said this blog post was not a hedgehog tutorial.



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