How To: Sit in a shopping trolley and entertain your grandma

WITH a clever ulterior motive in mind…

The trick is: Use a canvas shopping bag for anything other than it’s intended purpose in life, to make her laugh her head off.

Then when she’s gone all silly, get savvy about it and shout “go faster grandma, ZOOM” so we did. Even managed a 180 turn without doing me back in. 

In hindsight I don’t know how we didn’t get banned. But hey, when you’re chucking items in your trolley, and the place is almost devoid of customers. I gather security cameras don’t “red flag” a loony using it as a grand prix circuit…






Yes, they have LIDL in Germany too. Tesco might look prettier in store, but their trolleys must’ve let them down when it came to the pros & cons of acceptance.

After all, one needs total control when doing “trolley dolly” Go Karting in a supermarket. Bombing round at 45 degrees to the perpendicular (with intermittent wheel lock ups) just isn’t good enough.

Coming up tomorrow: Go Karting for real…

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