Serious Go Karting with an incident on track

Yes, this is the Big Boy’s version of rocketing round LIDL with a shopping trolley. And somewhere amidst that lot were Dave and Liam. My heart was in my mouth!

Vroom Vroom, ready for the start…

2013-07-31 14.57.11

Dave on a Sunday afternoon drive…

2013-07-31 15.00.41

Liam’s “sneaky skid,” overtaking on the OUTSIDE…

2013-07-31 15.39.04

Second Session:

Dave’s determined to get ahead of Liam, but holds up the start because his helmet won’t fasten. Not a good omen for him…?

2013-07-31 15.34.06

Liam on the left ahead of the pack again…

2013-07-31 15.35.54

But what’s this? Dave finishes in front of him…?

2013-07-31 15.42.21

Liam was gutted, one of his back tyres blew out on the last lap!

Here he is, last in line, telling an organiser about it…

2013-07-31 15.42.48

Dented pride? {Excuse pun} He faffed about just long enough to let anyone watching know it was a problem with the Go Kart, not his racing talent. He takes after his mother, I’d have done the same…

I’m just glad he was out of sight when it happened, watching them both skidding round corners was bad enough. However Dave got a bird’s eye view! Forget sympathy, he speeded up and overtook him…

Amidst the hilarious banter afterwards Liam declared the last race Null & Void, Robbed! Meantime Dave just couldn’t get rid of the cheesy grin he was wearing. (That’s after he got his helmet off, the darn thing wouldn’t UNFASTEN when the race was over).

I don’t know, Boys and their Toys eh…?

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