Peaceful Sky?

Taken last night, after learning we won’t be going to war…



Hmm, fireworks of the peaceful kind. That’s how it will be for us… Smug? Not at all, I really feel for the majority of Americans who don’t want to be involved in Syria, yet have no voice.

Out of curiosity I was reading comments from The Washington Post today about the UK’s democratic decision not to participate. Most American’s had total respect, even envy.

Just one solitary guy reckoned we were cowards. Poor uneducated twit. Not only did we have a democratic vote, he didn’t realise it’s a sign of strength not to sign up to something that will make those who participate a laughing stock.

According to the polls, 80% of Americans don’t want this, but in the so called “land of the free” they didn’t even get a chance to say NO. We sympathise.

I’m so glad we in the UK are not going to be helping Al Qaida further their cause, (FACT IF THIS HAPPENS). As for US intelligence being a sound justification for war, it being “debateable” isn’t good enough to actually go through with violence.

More broken news: Is there a get out clause? Obama has just made a speech outlining a vote in Congress. Obviously, under immense pressure he’s following Cameron’s lead. Bombard your representatives folks.

And sincere good luck…

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