Well, we’ve booked our spot!

For… Tea and biscuits in the pouring rain. New & Used have been kind enough to clear a double mooring for us while the marina festival is on. Why? Because that´s the pier people visitors walk down, either ogling at or wanting to buy a boat. Mainly ogling and getting a guided Disney Tour for no reason… But it´s worth a go, so we embark on our extensive voyage across this vast marina later on today.

As one of our friends from another pier said “So you’re moving away from the posh end then?” No, it’s not really posh, well ok, it might be sometimes. Yet another fellow moorer and family coming round for a brew then, there’s already about 26 on the list.

By chance, Dave bumped into another friend of ours today who’s a boat engineer from oop north. He did some jobs for us ages ago, (upgrading tech stuff) and we haven’t required his expertise since. Simply because:

a) His work is top notch, no need for recall.

b) We moved 100 miles away. But he’d still heard on the grapevine TT is up for sale! 

Get that eh?

As we already know, this boat has a “presence” on the canal system and beyond. Thing is we’re up against more people trying to sell canal boats than ever before. There seems to be a rush on having new ones built at the moment, and more importantly those moving to warmer climes just like us.

Timing is everything, but we never get that right! Keep smiling, no matter what, Yep.

Well got to go, we’re setting off soon, will take some photos tomorrow. “Over there on the public platform” is totally into the unknown for us…

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