Treading Water

Google Earth’s got nothing on this

Destructions as to where we’re parked up now, image courtesy of a very hi tech stalactite satellite floating above us somewhere…


It’s not quite correct though. There’s a fair few narrowboats than shown to the left of us, and even more to the right of us. So the sideways “half way down”  notation is slightly pinpoint accurate if nothing much else is.

Meantime back in the real world: 

But there’s something odd about this photo, (taken in the predicted rain).

We’ve had to tie up using the middle rope at the “front” because the jetty’s a LOT shorter than the boat…!


Some friends of ours (on a different marina) put up with this arrangement on their permanent mooring. To be honest, I couldn’t cope long term without being able to get on and off at both ends from outside!

Apart from that, it’s a really nice little spot here, and backs onto the very pretty promontory. Where a new pub / fancy restaurant (with shopping mall) will be built next year.

Promontory = posh word for: “A point of high land that juts out into the sea or a large lake; a headland.” (Just done a Google because I’ve always wondered, but never had the incentive to look it up).

So on this new pier (for now) it’s a bit quiet, just about boats for sale. Many of which have been abandoned by their owners and are full of cobwebs, lucky sods to continue further dreams without selling up first…

On the other side of the coin, there’s live music and all sorts here over the weekend, which is fine. Just hope “boat interest “ matches noise levels! We’ve dropped the price by a couple of grand for this weekend only, so you never know. Sorry, we do know, it’s a buyers market and there’s too much choice… 

Uh Oh, hang on a minute, did I just say it’s quiet here? We know there’s various attractions being set up around us, so fair enough, no problem. But in the past hour there’s a caravan arrived for the weekend events. (Another new experience, caravan behind the boat). Don’t know what they’ve got to offer here, but aside from a lot of shouting, yelling, screaming, and cursing, they’ve just tripped our shore power.

Our intelligent inverter just takes over if shore power goes on a trip. So we didn’t realise till they got to “ultra” screaming point, and decided to check out what the heck was going on. Heth here gave them a mouthful, and even my “laid back” Dave made it blindingly obvious he was NOT best pleased. Resetting it didn’t work so we told them to shove their dodgy plug where the sun don’t shine somewhere else. Bingo, it’s back on.

They’ve got a mile long electric cable and a really weird connecter as a plug. With not many people being here, they’re trying other connections elsewhere now, without any luck as yet. More loud cursing and swearing with a VERY vicious sounding dog that joins in.

And there I was saying it was too quiet…


Two hours later: No, I don’t want to sound like I’m ranting, far from it, I ain’t joining in with their only mode of communication. Between the 10 of them is top notch SHOUTING. Too much hassle for us, except for a potentially ominous prospect:

They’ve parked their caravan on the very edge of the little hill behind us. I’m not taking a photo because I don’t want to cause embarrassment to anyone. Yet that “thing” is set up on very wet ground. It’s already on a skew and if it falls over guess who’s boat’s going to take the brunt on it’s runt? At least there’s one thing, a caravan will crumple like paper against steel, but I don’t think the lux con back here would fare very well.

“Yes, you’re welcome to view our boat, it’ll only cost you 3,500 quid extra for a new conservatory with the remains of a caravan attached to it. On the bright side you might get compo, but I bet they’re uninsured”

Scuppering this again aren’t I…?

Well, that’s me, I just tell it like it is, and (if) we go round to the festival for a pleasant hour or two, whilst leaving a “Gone for lunch sign.” We won’t be buying anything they’ve got to offer…!

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