Well, so far this afternoon we’ve had three different couples here for the TT Disney Tour. Fortunately they all fell in love with her, but unfortunately they’ve still got houses to sell.

Without sounding patronising or judgemental, we felt sorry that they can’t achieve their dream (yet), which all of them were so desperate to do…

As a seller, it’s obvious. There’s four kinds of potential buyers:

  1. Those who come round to learn, with no intention of buying yet. Not sure of what they want or can do about it.
  2. Those who really want to buy, but can’t afford to until their property has sold.
  3. Those who have the means to do so here and now. (Few and far between these days).
  4. Lastly, those who bought a narrowboat with the intention of “doing the whole canal system,” and for various reasons totally regret their decision. So they’d rather have the space, but it’s too late. We’ve seen and heard it all before, and again today. One guy was so crumpled up about it, he really wanted to do the TT Disney Tour, but he said it would only have rubbed salt in a wound. Stuck with a boat he doesn’t want, there were tears in his eyes.   

Since TT went up for sale, everyone who’s done the “Disney Tour” has been “category” number 2 on the list. Being real. Leaving them with nothing but a window of patience. 

I can draw parallels with our own situation. Being stuck here rather than having a life in Spain, because of the small matter of cost, dosh, ready’s!

So let’s not dwell on the matter.

We’ve been round to the festival, met up with friends off our pier, had a great laugh. Just come back to the boat for a bit, then we’re meeting up again, and they’re coming here to watch the fireworks later on. Got a great view from this mooring, because we know which field they’re in. BOOM…!


An outsize swan…


And at (almost) the end of the daylight…


  Right, we’re off out for round two, LOUD ROCK BAND ON NOW…

Bop, Bop, might have to take me high heels off though…

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