Ghost Boats and Sign Posts

Well we came back to our “home mooring” last night after we’d eaten our chicken, boiled spuds, and green beans.

The very same second Dave got the tiller out it started pissing down. Yes, we had noticed the massive black sky, and were hoping to “get out” before it “came in.” No such luck, but at least we stayed nice and dry in the lux con amidst our epic voyage, while the light rain turned into stair rods with gale force winds.

[Oh, and Heth here steered TT back throughout it all without any need for the bow thruster in such conditions. Skill, pure skill, we both feel at one with this boat when at the tiller, even when a couple of 180 turns are required on the marina. Yes, really, there are, but she’s so responsive, all you need is the confidence to do it]

Neither of us wanted to stay over there any longer, once the two day festival finished, tents and stalls were removed, bunged inside big vans and off they went. Where there had been fun and laughter all weekend, that pier turned into a ghost town. Empty boats left right and centre, (only four were occupied even during the festival). It felt a bit too weird, hence the “let’s get out of here” rush.

The first day of the festival, people were walking down the two “open” piers. And after a few conversations with folks, it soon became clear that they weren’t aware any of these boats were for sale. What the???

So we made our own sign thus, and stuck it at the back of the Lux Con:




After that, we heard people walking past saying the likes of “Oh look, that one’s for sale!” (Surprised gasp). It’s not clear to us whether every boat on there was FOR SALE. But surely New & Used should’ve put signs on every boat that was. Could’ve even had bigger signs on the end of the pier as well, stating what wasn’t obvious, but should’ve been:



Not exactly rocket science is it?

Yes, we got plenty of interest thanks to OUR SIGN. All of whom had property to sell first, tell me something I don’t know…

Another guy further down had his own “bespoke” notification, it was a car number plate stuck on the front with those all important two words on it. Done properly too, no need for a marker pen like us.

But surely what I’ve already stated is a part of what you pay brokerage for, especially so when their office is but 50 yards away from that pier…

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