I did warn you, we’re all back in 2006 today

So where were you then? What were you up to? Was it exciting? Or was it naff? Or was it both? Does it even matter now…?

Well 2006 is pretty easy, it was all about “transition decisions.” We came back from Florida just as the financial crisis began. While we were there none of us knew why apartments weren’t selling or why crane’s were abandoned up on high. It was truly bizarre. I’ll never forget walking past what would’ve been an exclusive apartment block on Miami beach, half built with MASSIVE cracks from top to bottom. All cordoned off (elf & safety). Reminded me of going past Fort Lauderdale, it’s the 20 foot high barbed wire that did it.

At the airport, on the way back to Boring Britain we reluctantly handed over our faithful Automatic Dodge Charger 3.5 litre V6 engine car. (Nought to 60 in a minus 3 second time warp). Believe me, it came in handy at traffic lights, especially in Miami. Always first off the mark, what a mean machine…

[I’ll never forget one young guy in an old crappy car beeped his horn REAL LOUD at us, could’ve been a drug dealer with an arsenal of ammunition to hand. But I still gave him the finger good style. Flick it up there 3 times and potential murderers get the message to back off…]    

Ahem, sex on legs here draped over our mean machine…

2006 Florida

2006 Florida

Parental Guidance required: Have you ever charged about with your partner on the bonnet of a Dodge Charger in the heat of night? Think Mile High Club, except it’s Metre High. What with the sound of waves a crashing, and every star system shining down on you. [Highly recommended as one of 50 things to do before you die] 

Yee Ha…!

2006 Florida

And another for the 50 things to do list…

Florida 175 That kiss again, proff photo

Hang on, where’s Dave? Ah, there he is, just chillin’ out on the beach whilst telling me to “leave off” with the camera…

2006 Florida

Anyway calm down, romantic “road trip” of a thousand miles over, it made us realise we needed to follow a different way of life. With our “kids” all installed in their own careers (and us very proud of them). Living in a big house, when the two of us only used a third of it was just plain daft.

So rather than searching for something else we just looked and bided our time. The USA was our first choice, but the Visa thing for living there was a nightmare, even for us Brits.

In the past we’d always walked for miles up and down the canal system at weekends, I suspect if you live near a canal that’s what you do. Dave’s parent’s bungalow used to back onto the Staffs Worcester canal at Penkridge. We went there regularly when the kids were real kids (under the age of 10 or so).

Dave and his dad could do their fishing from the back garden, me and his mum did the gossip thing, while the kids played out in the field with the horses.

The British canal system was in our blood but we didn’t know it, and the British weather was good in those days.

So when the “kids” grew up and flew the coup,  Next? What? Where?

Plenty of options, none of which were viable…

Till we stumbled across what we weren’t looking for in 2007…

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