Oh dear, they should’ve had a hull survey done

Believe it or not, this boat has just been bought by someone with the intention of living aboard.

The rusted hole in the hull isn’t meant to be there…


And to give a better idea of how close it is to the waterline, it’s below the well deck…



Uh Oh, someone’s got a lot of work to do…!

There’s a fair few “bargain boats” on the market at the moment, (including ours). But buying a cheap boat that doesn’t need a lot of major work doing to it, rather than a cheap one that DOES, just doesn’t add up financially. Or even make sense. The new owners haven’t been to it yet.

Maybe their intention is to take it out of the water and have a major overhaul done. Yes, it’s that rusty all the way round, even worse in places. Might be slightly understandable if it’s like a penthouse inside…

As it stands sits, get a couple of people on the starboard side of this particular wibbly wobbly narrowboat and it’ll be a case of “UP PERISCOPE!”

I won’t mention the name of the boat, that’s not fair. Basically it’s one word, and means the likes of:

“How to set yourself free”

Ironic or what…?

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