Look out, there’s a Dutch Barge amidst the road traffic

It took all morning for them to get this beast barge out of the water and onto the truck. Can’t be easy when it’s got a keel. Over the years we’ve seen boats of all shapes and sizes being craned in and out of the water, on and off lorries. Never seen the likes of a Dutch barge on the back of a wagon before though!

Somehow, it just doesn’t look right with the cabin folded down…


You can clearly see the waterline, never seen it move since we came to this marina, except by road today…!



If you’ve ever been here to visit Mercia, you’ll have seen this barge parked up in the middle of the pier the public can meander down. More or less opposite the shop. It’s been sat there ever since we had TT craned out and brought down here in December 2011.

I’m guessing some rich person has snapped it up recently, and it’s being transported to a mooring on a river further down south. With a hull that deep forget canals…!

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