Hibernate inside the boat all winter where it’s toasty warm, OR:

Settle for another country, where it’s TOASTY WARM OUTSIDE?

The question many people ask who have never lived on a boat is the old gem:

“Isn’t it cold on the boat in winter?”

To dispel any such myths, based on personal experience, our boat is much warmer, nay hotter than our house ever was in winter. To be fair to the house, it wasn’t cold, just not as warm, (and it was insulated just like TT is). 

Even when we’re iced in, on any canal boat, with a multi-fuel stove and CH radiators situated in the right places (the latter as occasional backup). Be prepared to step on board and peel off the layers when it’s minus however many degrees outside…

For my dear reader who’s put up with my blog for a fair while, you may remember me moving into a hotel in December 2010. We had no multi-fuel stove then and it was minus 17 degrees outside at the time. Yes, when we bought the boat we were naive enough to think central heating alone would be enough – it isn’t. So we spent £2,500 to have a top notch large Squirrel stove installed. This being a widebeam we had a choice of where to place it and the room to do so.

After everything we’d learned we had it installed almost a third of the way down the boat. Still in the saloon. The extra bonus? Bung a 3 blade quality eco fan on top of it and warm air is circulated throughout the boat right down into the bedroom at the front. (Those who stick their stove in a corner have a real problem with warm air circulation). By that time we had the right contacts and knew who to call to do a proper job for us. Just for good measure we had another radiator installed, and replaced the others with double radiators. Basically, do a top notch redesign, and it’s what you make it.  

Right now it’s 9.40pm and I’m sat out in the lux con writing this, with the back doors of the boat wide open, the warmth from inside the boat also heats up the air in here! {Wind chill factor outside on the pier is about minus 4} and that’s being generous.

So the bitter winters here in the UK now make leaving the boat and having to go out a painful experience. Except when walking to the pub wearing thermals, scrap that, it’s sheer determination. Wouldn’t be so bad if we had decent summers that lasted for months, might even be worth staying here. But thanks to climate change it’s not.

In general, people have been conditioned to think it’s wonderful if we get 3 days strung together above 20 degrees in summer (here and there). However, we did have a week that was hovering around 30 degrees this summer. Then gales set in…

So again, on a personal note, what we both really can’t do anymore is:






Marina Views 2009 (141)

Looks beautiful doesn’t it…? Don’t be fooled, layers upon layers of ice and snow bring this country to a halt, and the UK can’t afford to be prepared or deal with it in advance. There’s still pot holes in the roads caused by cruel winter weather from 2009. But that’s not the point, pot holes are nothing, WE just can’t stand it in general. 

Where we both really want to be is:







In Spain, and we’ll get there for good by hook or by crook…

Note: The snow and ice photos and the Spain photos on here were all taken in February. Different years, because we weren’t in the UK this year, we were there…!

No contest eh? We’re booking our flights back to Spain for 3 months on a long term let in a couple of weeks time. But till take off, we have to suffer the shit weather here for another 2 months. Plenty of prep work to keep us busy though…

Really, we can’t wait! Bring on the warmth in January to March again, OUTSIDE of this toasty boat…

When our move over there is for good, it’ll be bittersweet because TT will always be in our hearts. We’ve had so much fun aboard this boat. But it’s time for us to move on towards a totally different lifestyle yet AGAIN. Anything’s possible in this position, just don’t jump in. But when it happens, we won’t be coming back.

However, that new lifestyle will still be about taking it easy, eventualmente mi amigo. {Google it if not sure}


We’ve been doing our research for months since we got back from Spain and have some very good, reliable Brit contacts working on our behalf over there. We know all about the potential for hassle of settling in at first, we’re prepared for that.

Please, no warnings required about the mafia and rip off merchants! We’re savvy and clued up on our second, and final leap from humdrum Britain where only London matters.

By the way: It’ll be for good this time, so just scatter my ashes in the Med…

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