I’ve gone all flowery

Yes, the boat is full of sweetly scented bloomers. I went daft on Tesco Trauma day, checked out the “New & Used” cheapo bucket and there they were. Discounted, but still very much alive and kicking, well glowing I suppose.

Lux Con left…


Lux Con right…


Notice how the ones inside the boat here look a bit paler. Perhaps that’s because they’ve been sat next to the fresh wine cellar for a couple of days…


The fabric conditioner behind the vase wasn’t supposed to be there, in fact it blended in so well, (colour) it went unnoticed at the time. But I couldn’t be bothered taking another photo.

{Always make sure there’s no washer / drier necessary’s lurking about when the camera is poised} Good job you can’t see what’s being tossed about in the washing machine right now, might make your eyes water.   

It’s not often I buy real flowers for the float boat. But I’ll be checking out Tesco’s bargain bucket section from now on.

Work that particular reason out if you can…

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