Mercia Marina Bonfire Night 2013, two days early, but it’s close enough when you think fireworks start going off in Mid October these days. A couple of weeks before Halloween, then there’s Bonfire Night itself, then they continue into Christmas, New Year’s Eve and beyond…

Even birthday party’s and weddings “let off” whatever time of year,, I must be turning into an old fart.

Anyway, last night…










AND I forgot to take a photo of the massive bonfire! AND we missed half these photos because:

  • The compact camera’s battery was dead.
  • Tried my thick phone – that was dead.
  • Dave’s phone is too old and knackered, no comment.

So we had to “resort” to the fancy cam who was still alive and kicking whilst having been stuffed in a cupboard for a few months. Shame really, it’s a Cannon (Can), but despite it’s superior abilities, is too big to be mobile…


When I was a kid Standard Fireworks (remember them?) only emerged from their box on November 5th, along with about 3 sparklers each. By the time the box was empty, end of. For another year. Oh, and there was also sticky toffee stuff, always avoided so as false teeth wouldn’t be a requirement at such a tender age forevermore.

Halloween meant going round the avenue (unaccompanied by adults) begging for sweets. [Minus Fireworks]

At Christmas, once school had finished, it was a case of watching soppy Christmas films on TV, whilst counting down on the advent calendar to the BIG day itself. [Minus Fireworks]

When the BIG day finally appeared there was always a Christmas stocking to wake up to at 3am with loads of bits and pieces to play with. Came in handy for my parents that, kept me occupied till about 6am before the nagging started about going downstairs for the “real deal” stuff sitting under the tree.

Several hours minutes later, with all presents opened and inspected, that’s when the arguing would start between me and my sister about who’d got what.

“It’s not fair.”

“No, this is my corner not yours, stay away.”

I always had the upper hand when it came to any disagreement, because I was older and didn’t know knew better. I never wanted any of her stuff, with 5 years difference between us nothing appealed…

Did I say [Minus Fireworks] earlier?

On Christmas Eve we always left a mince pie and a glass of milk out for Santa, by morning it was gone. But even as a nipper I just knew he was too fat to get down our chimney. However, the crumbs on the plate indicated he’d been able to walk through walls.

On New Year’s Eve, Fireworks in the garden were only for rich people. So we’d watch theirs for free. Ha!


PS: Still can’t say anything about the all important future space…

So Zip It Feth…

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