Phew, managed to keep it zipped

Till now,, so with family and friends informed. I’m at last free to announce on here that our short term let in Scunthorpe is all sorted and booked.  

Yes, flights, accommodation, and the myriad of other stuff involved has been expertly organised and arranged.

This is what Scunthorpe doesn´t look like,, ever:


Well, what a coincidence! It resembles our photos of Southern L’Espania last winter…

So in early December we pack our bags FOR FOUR MONTHS and fly off into the horizon.


Less than a month left and there’s so much else TO DO FIRST. I mean just having me hairdo rearranged takes up a full day…

2 thoughts on “Phew, managed to keep it zipped

  1. Oh fabulous! I hope you have an absolutely terrific winter sojourn there and I'm quite sick with jealousy of course, but very very happy for you! Will you be back in the spring?


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