And work begins here at Mercia Marina

It’s been a long time in the planning, but excavation for the new Boardwalk Build here has begun this week.

Excuse these poor (cropped) photos, I took them from our mooring which is about quarter of a mile away from the action. Not much noise while they’re digging out, but hopefully they’ll wait till we’re in Spain before putting any piles pilings in… 



Massive Midland Chandlers, almost hidden…


The whole idea of it reminds me of a marina we visited in Germany…

Germany with L&M (30)

All block paved with bars and terraces and teapot tea dancing…

Germany with L&M (31)

Oh, and Liam found his new car there…

Germany with L&M (28)

I know we don’t get the weather here, and I’m not into teapot dancing. But wouldn’t it be nice if they can use the terrace / boardwalk as outdoor space for social activities when it’s completed?

Believe me, it gives the whole idea of a marina with such facilities a kind of ambiance I can’t describe…

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