TT is officially off the market

For now…

We’ve got sick and fed up of people coming looking round, falling in love with the boat and the tech spec, then we hear:

“Oh,,, the blacking on the hull needs doing…”

True. In hindsight weren’t we daft to think we could sell a boat like this when she needs her bum slapping? I mean it stands out a mile below shiny paintwork. So we’ve discovered the hard way it’s a real deal breaker. We feel that there’s no point in having it done in winter, get iced in soon afterwards and new blacking could be damaged along the waterline. Even more likely when we’re not here and the boat’s cold inside and out.

On top of that, we couldn’t be bothered with her still being up for sale while we’re in Spain, especially when there’s work to do after we get back here. Decision made.

So what’s the long term plan?

Well we’ve also decided to go overboard one or two stages further than just blacking. Dave’s going to book her in the boatshed (dry dock) for a week in April next year.

We’ll have the hull ground back of the old blacking and several coats of new blacking applied. For anyone who doesn’t know, in this procedure “grinding” does NOT include the steelwork…!

Then there’s other jobs that don’t really need doing, but we’re going to anyway:

  • The paintwork just above the blacking along the gunnels. We want that stripped off and repainted.
  • The bow (well deck area) will also be stripped and repainted.
  • Six new anodes rather than four on the hull.

Afterwards, when she’s back in the water. At the stern we’re going to have the front screen in the lux con replaced, including the wood (about 3 feet high) that goes all round the very back of the boat.

So after all that work’s been finished we could well be into July / August next year before she goes back up for sale. And, um, the price will go up a bit too, relative to what’s been done…

Aside from the blacking which is necessary for all canal boats every 3 years, the rest is simply cosmetic. Except it won’t be simple to do…! So we’ll pay to have it all done for us. Lazy? No. A professional finish on it all? Yes…

6 thoughts on “TT is officially off the market

  1. Im not sure the work you are doing will actually add any value. It may make it more desirable to someone and help get a sale but it is purely maintenance work which doesnt add money im afraid!!


  2. Whilst I wish you all the best with that it doesnt really work like that im afraid.

    We recently had to have a new set of cockpit covers on our cruiser at a cost of £1200. It didnt add that to the value (not that its for sale!!) but it would make it a better prospect than a similar boat that needs them doing.

    Such is the world of boating. They dont say BOAT stands for Bring Out Another Thousand for nothing 🙂


  3. Hi Cal,

    Well, even if you owned a canal boat, you still couldn't tell us anything we don't already know. You seem to be the one that doesn't understand!!!

    And, it does really “work that way” (for us), let me tell you why:

    TT wasn't only for sale on Apollo Duck. That was just an advert, we were using a broker who did the original valuation correctly. (Wasn't about what we think she's worth).

    I agree, any “extras” that aren't considered “necessary” on a boat don't seem to count for anything at all.
    Examples on here include the lux con and even the bow thruster. Nothing, Nada. But that's how it works.

    So let me reiterate, the broker gave us a value price when we put her up for sale this summer. We went along with that, even higher at first. Eventually we decided to let her go BELOW the valuation price, if a buyer would do the blacking. Turns out no-one wants to do it that way, so we're doing it (for the buyer out there) ourselves next year.

    a) Blacking is not just visual appeal, it's necessary every 3 years on a canal boat for obvious practical, “steel protection” reasons.

    b) In saying the price will go up IT WILL go back up to the brokers valuation price (at least). Which is higher than we had her on the market for this year.

    Hope you can understand that better now. Cosmetic work means nothing when it comes to price. But the extras are things we want to do anyway. Those jobs aren't what's going to put the price up. We're fully aware, & it's a bit of an insult for you to think we weren't, or simply aren't.

    So the bottom line is, the price will definitely go up next time due to the fact that this year, we knocked some value off (the brokers valuation) for a quick sale. Well not anymore.

    Cosmetics don't come into the equation. Neither would we expect them to.



  4. Hi Heth
    We spotted a lot more widebeams daan saaf on the Thames and Kennet and Avon canal, do you think it may sell better and achieve a better price if it was moved down there?


  5. hi heather sorry to hear you haven't managed to sell tt can I just say though reading your blog we did sell holly this year and are on with building a new boat .
    just warning to say that any serious purchaser will not let the blacking put them off buying your boat as any right minded purchaser will want a full out of water hull survey which was the case when we sold Holly even though she was only 4 years old if a serious purchaser is going to spend the best part of 100k they are not going to take your word for it rest be assured not unless they are completely nuts and if this is the case as it was with us any blacking that you apply is likely to get completely ruined because to do a ultrasonic hull test a surveyer will grind/scrape about 200 patches of blacking off so that the ultrasonic tester can measure the steel thickness. Obviously any survey that may be done is at the purchasers expense and if no problems are found as was the case with Holly then the purchaser payed to have it reblacked anyway if there are problems ie any significant pitting and the buyer pulls out then you are going to be left with having to pay to have the hull blacked again anyway and if you say to a prospective buyer they can't have it surveyed you will never sell her. Don't want to be a monger of doom but that is how it generally works and if anyone needs to take out marine finance to buy her then the finance company will insist on an extensive hull and machinery survey. Anyway good luck with whatever you decide to do and have a nice holiday Tom p.s sorry for bad grammar can't be bothered to check where I missed full stops


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