My big fat suitcase

And it’s going to need to be…

Have you ever tried stuffing 4 months worth of your “stuff” into a suitcase, and keep the weight below 20KG??? AND pack for any kind of weather?? (Minus ice, snow, wind and hail like here). It’s most disconcerting, to the point of confusing.

My big fat suitcase…


You can’t miss it on the turntable thingy. The colour it emits is enough to make your eyes water, even borders on being luminous.

With regards to getting the weight in order, Dave has a set of scales, lift and separate and do the maths before going to the airport and there you have it, no need to worry about limits. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Dave’s suitcase is boring black. (He doesn’t do purple).

However shuffling “stuff” about while packing may be more necessary than usual this time. Which translated means me putting more of my “stuff” in Dave’s suitcase than normal. I might even have to rob or rent anything up to a third of his space, as opposed to the average quarter…

Goodness only knows how I’m going to cater for 70 pairs of shoes and 40 handbags. Anyway, we’re on an hourly count down now, all loose ends tied up.

I’ll send you a postcard…!

AeroplaneIsland with a palm tree

2 thoughts on “My big fat suitcase

  1. Guess what Val,
    They must've knocked it's stand up thingy's off when throwing on / off the plane. Hence try setting it upright and it goes off on an angle of about 40 degrees…
    Bit like me on a good day then lol



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