Oranges and Purples

Well, after having seen the horrendous weather forecast for the UK tomorrow, I’d like to be able to break the gorgeous weather news here gently, but there’s no way to do that…

[Saturday 14 December]

Oranges ripe on the trees…

2013-12-14 14.28.27

Me mother will know what kind of plant this is even though I don’t, it’s everywhere…

2013-12-14 14.28.51

NO WIND, NO RAIN, and LOTS of sun since we got here…

You know how in the movies sometimes, the sun looks perhaps a tad too Warner Brother’s HUGE? Well here in the Med it’s real, (no graphics required). Tonight’s sunset was awesome, and later on we saw a shooting star…! Saw that once in “December” Florida, the weather here matches Flory at this time of year – without the daily rain showers.

So where exactly are we? Southern Costa Blanca. (Sounds mysterious?) I won’t be more specific than that on the blog, simply because we still have lots of decisions to make. None of which include staying in Shit Brit land…

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