The Eve of the Eve of Christmas Eve

I’m dreaming of a white DEEP BLUE Christmas.

Sunday 22nd December 2013:

12 noon on the balcony, 35 degrees C…


3pm on the roof terrace, 25 degrees C…


Unfortunately a hurricane force wind of 2mph had set in by then, so we’d lost all of 10 degrees, oh dear, pass me a woolly jumper, PRONTO!

So while we were up there today I took some photos of the fantastic views:








Several items required for being up there sizzling…


And at the end of the day, the sun will insist on going down right next to a bunch of satellite dishes and Wi Fi paraphernalia at the moment.

Still Gorgeous…


What more can I say? No need for words is there…?

5 thoughts on “The Eve of the Eve of Christmas Eve

  1. Seriously, it's very beautiful and I am of course very jealous. I don't mind the cold so much. It's just the blue skies I miss. Still, mustn't grumble. It's almost sunny this morning here in NL and at least we didn't have a hurricane yesterday like they did in Toronto! Small mercies 🙂


  2. Hi Val, and Paul & Elaine,

    Please, I don't want anyone to think I'm being “smug” this weather here is just so “alien” to us at this time of year, sheer awe takes over & spills onto the blog!

    (Dream on Heth), and love to you all from Costa Blanca xxx


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