Lock Down

Well, the other day clever Heather here locked us both outside on the balcony… It took about one hundredth of a second to realise what had happened, and that CLICK sounded like a thunderbolt from on high. We usually put a wedge in the door… But it wasn’t there… And they only lock from inside…

Remember the old gem:

“It’s  so quiet you can hear a pin drop.”

Well yes, it’s so quiet here we can sit out on the balcony and listen to each other’s stomachs rumbling after a meal. I kid ye not. It was a strange experience at first, working out who’s was loudest.

Question: Was that me or you?

Answer: Well, I think it might have been you,, uh oh this one now is definitely me.

So, back on the locked out balcony, there we were sat like a couple of lemons (listening to each other’s insides) waiting to be rescued. In between, it took about an hour of pleasant negotiation with neighbours to work out who had the spare key. Yes, between us all we broke the silence, and debated setting up a pulley system for soup and sandwiches. Eventually we were rescued by “the spare front door key” and the owner. Talk about feeling like a Pratt.

Then there was Christmas Day, we had a great meal out with karaoke later on. I don’t do karaoke. But after having had a few, I felt it was necessary to get away from shared NAFF Christmas carols.

“I’ll do Hotel California” says me. Blimey, I really got into it and EVERYONE applauded LOUDLY, I said LOUDLY. (First applause of the night). OK, so I come from a family with singing talent and the guy in charge was blown away (to California, or even Blackpool). But there’s no need to make a big deal out of it. Meantime Dave was supposed to be doing a video on my phone, but the battery was dead as a doornail. Perhaps for the best in the grand scheme of life. Great day though.

Well, I’ve uploaded 3 blog posts tonight, trying to make up for not being online, I hate doing that but needs must! Won’t be in the blogosphere for a few days again.

So what’s next? Well we’re doing another 7 mile marathon tomorrow, on a mission to discover somewhere else we want to see round here.

New Year’s Eve we’re going to a rock concert! Tribute band to all the good stuff, people reckon they’re fantastic, so yours truly here will no doubt be bopping away. The bar the group is playing in has its own terrace opposite a piece of land. I suspect they’ll close the road between. Wey hey! Groovy get on down dude and all that…

Anyway I must go. there’s a problem with the Wi-Fi modem here at the mo.

So here’s a new years eve postcard:

2013-12-23 15.30.15

May all your dreams come true for 2014…

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