Rockin and a rollin on New Years Eve

A quiet night in at the local bar….

Free meal, free champagne, and one of the best classic rock tribute bands ever. It was a very cosmopolitan affair, Spanish, Brits, French, German, we all got boogying on down together.

Oh and we all got a “goody bag” with tinsel garlands, silly hats and streamers to adorn oneself with, plus loads of other daft stuff, including the likes of party poppers too. Not a good idea to wear those in person though, wouldn’t want one stuck in your eyeball or up your nose…


2013-12-31 21.46.26

With the lead guitarist here amidst the people…

2013-12-31 22.03.51

And sat ON the people at times, blimey that guy could play guitar so well, it gave you goose bumps…

2013-12-31 23.02.58

2013-12-31 23.04.35

Oh, and the lead singer got about a bit too. That’s what happens to a photo when you wear face paint round your eyes…

2013-12-31 22.10.19

Midnight here, there’s a park opposite the bar surrounded by houses, so this could well be a cosmopolitan fireworks display too… 

2014-01-01 00.01.06

2014-01-01 00.01.10

2014-01-01 00.01.13

2014-01-01 00.01.27

2014-01-01 00.01.31

2014-01-01 00.01.46

2014-01-01 00.01.42

Plenty of folks sat outside in the twelfth hour warmth…

2014-01-01 00.08.07

So, in Engles: (Grave accent on the 2nd E there)

Happy New Year, let rip and let it rock…!

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