The Smiley Face Satellite Dish

I had a rummage through the archives and found him:

He blends into the surroundings nicely, but I guess that’s the whole idea…

2013-12-30 17.43.10


Or, is it taking colour co-ordination to the extreme…?!


Then there’s this: 

Some of the roads round here are named after star signs.

Yep, that’s mine…

2013-12-30 17.44.22

Bit unfortunate they’ve plastered a “NO ENTRY” sign next to Virgo. [Naughty] So I wonder if they’ve slapped a “STOP” sign next to Calla Taurus?

To be fair it’s probably something quite innocent and non-selective like:

“No go if you’re Virgo.”

Think I’d better shut up now…

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