The Basic Standard of living

When people of whatever age come here to Spain for their package / two week holiday, (bums and tits brigade aside) it’s all about a short period of time in the sun. With sea, sand and relaxation thrown in. Let’s face it, the gorgeous weather and facilities on offer are a temporary escape from the rat race / humdrum of every day life.

Understandably, for various reasons the average holidaymaker neither needs, nor wants to learn about living abroad permanently because due to circumstances, it’s not possible.

As for Spain itself {stifled smirk?} they have:

  • Huge financial problems to solve. Right?
  • “Spain is corrupt.” Right?
  • “Spain is broke.” Right?
  • People are on the streets searching through wheelie bins for food. Right?

So why get into all that when booking a brief holiday here or anywhere in the sun? Answer: Because it’s not required! But let’s not forget Britain has all of the above by the bucket load… 

For people like us, who want to make a home here in the sun – research is everything.

Aside from already learning the complexities of making such a move in advance, and after spending several months here, we’ve also learned something unheard of:

The basic standard of living in Spain is higher. Yes, HIGHER than that we know of as UK citizens. This fact has been kept under wraps by the “upper echelons” of UK politicians. Most probably due to a European PR Party Political Popularity contest. 

[Shush, don’t inform the plebs about the many benefits of playing by the rules on EU Directives, it makes a dam fine impression when we say NO to the daft ones. Besides, we’ve got Nigel Farrage to contend with]


Dear Mr CaMoron,

You are such a fool. In a desperate attempt to gain votes, you’ve let down the Great British Public by hiding the truth about Europe. Truth be told, the benefits far outweigh the negatives you’ve blocked, and in doing so you’ve isolated UK citizens from being involved. The rest of Europe considers you (personally) as a laughing stock. Through your own arrogance they know what you don’t allow us to see, and sympathise for the average UK plebs.

Yours most sincerely,

Heth the Pleb.

So outside of politics I’ll get to the point:

In our 3 months so far of “living here” in Spain, we’ve noticed something else that’s not widely known about…

We’re currently renting a townhouse that might be considered the “equivalent” of a small terraced house in the UK.

Such places as “our” Spanish townhouse are usually holiday lets, and in the grand scheme of things there aren’t many outside of big holiday destinations like Benidorm. In fact it’s about the most basic you can get. Yet there’s a HUGE difference.

This “terraced house” here is in a gated community with a gorgeous private swimming pool, underground parking and excellent security throughout. Not that the latter is required. To us, even these very few bottom-line terraced properties are luxurious. This is accepted as basic here.

In addition, each of these small terraced houses has marble floors and stairs, three balcony’s, and a spiral staircase up to the roof terrace with gorgeous views of the Med. It’s quiet (NO road noise) and the whole area is pristine, with block paving on all footpaths. Same standards for even the minor roads, with no potholes that ruin your car’s suspension to be seen. This is accepted as basic here.

Recycling is a big deal too, no need for several wheelie bins per house here, large recycling bins are subtly placed in their own “parking spaces” recessed from the sleepy roads. They get emptied every two nights (not two weeks) during the night. This is accepted as basic here.

The standard of the National Health Service in Spain is exceptionally high. Yes really! “Second to none.” This is accepted as basic here.

Great quality food at low, low prices. It’s as cheap to eat out as it is to stay in. This is accepted as basic here.

Low cost electricity, low cost water rates, low cost Wi-Fi and TV Sat system packages. These are accepted as basic here.

And of course do I even need to mention the warmth of an outdoor lifestyle even in winter? No. This is accepted as basic here.

So basically, [excuse pun] all of the above is taken for granted by the Spanish people of whatever financial status. It’s their “norm,” and it’s far superior to ours.

On a different note, abandoned buildings / houses are surprisingly few and far between, and great ideas from the authorities are now starting to emerge. Just a few examples include:

  • Local councils are currently in a financial position to make good use of abandoned buildings. They’re being auctioned off to contractors, thereby creating jobs to rebuild. The council decides what purpose a building will serve, such as the almost finished school near here, that’s in the process of being turned into a college.
  • House repairs contracted out by the owner: Small building firms get up to 90% knocked off their business taxes till they become established.
  • Abandoned land that cannot be built on: Communities get together and rent “eyesore” land from the council that’s near their property to transform into peaceful parkland. The council provides “flora and fauna” (with irrigation) including pathways to create a beautiful wildlife space for people to enjoy.
  • National Heritage Site’s have resources provided by the EU.
  • Their new hi-speed railway is futuristic, oh, and it actually works that way. No delays, no excuses.
  • Rather than just switching off every other streetlight at night to save energy, local councils are replacing them with LED’s. What a bright (long term) idea eh? 

New initiatives and ideas are rewarded with EU funding NOT government funding that can’t deliver. There’s a BIG difference, and thanks to the incompetence of CaMoron & Co, no-one’s queuing up on Britain’s behalf. I note that he’s gone “cap in hand” begging the EU for funds to help clean up the mess the floods have made. Comes in handy sometimes then eh?

Another phenomenon here is the sheer size of the country VS the relatively small size of the population. It means the demographics are very similar to those in Germany.

Main artery roads are well away from what we Brits would consider luxury suburbs. Hence peace and quiet exists. Both countries have the space per person to make the most of the “lay of the land.” Un-crowded, uncluttered and beautiful.  

I (we) are not biased, this is all fact…

Not having blogged for a while, it’s been dam hard work writing this, whilst sat in the warm, warm sun…!


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