Going back in time

Thoughtful / philosophical mode: 

Well we have but less than a week left in sunny Spain till we fly back to grotty Britland. Right now it feels like this is a re-run of last year, a very stressful year it was. We had hopes and dreams that just didn’t materialise. There was so much happening at once, it felt like a roller coaster, I hate roller coasting through life, give me a straight path any day.

In March last year, our decision was finalised. Sell the boat and live here in Spain. Selling would be relatively easy wouldn’t it? No. There was a lot of interest in the boat, many people walked in and their eyes lit up, impressed with the hi tech spec and layout, there was much enthusiasm. TILL they noticed the hull needed blacking (which means taking the boat into dry dock). To be honest and fair, it really did look scruffy compared to the rest of the boat, in fact it stood out like a sore thumb because of that…

At a first meeting with someone or something new, people make a judgement based on what they see, everyone does it, even if they aren’t aware at the time. As for us, we were in such a rush to sell up and move on, we never saw the blacking as an issue. Big mistake… Liken it to a house, as a buyer it could be everything you’re looking for, a dream home. But if the external brickwork needs re-pointing, or rendering is scruffy, forget it.

So before we came here in December last year, a more sensible course of action was required, we took the boat off the market. Even though the broker would do the guided tour for us. We really couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of the roller coaster ride while we were here. Sale or not.

But we hadn’t given up, before we flew off into the sunset we booked the good ship in dry dock to be blacked at the beginning of May this year. We’re leaving it to the professionals to do, this will be no DIY job! So we go back in the knowledge that we’re doing things the right way round, and we’re in no rush this time, what will be will be. Having put ourselves under such pressure last year, 2014 can’t be any worse. At least we have the means to do what’s necessary without kidding ourselves.

So why does it still feel like a re-run? Well the answer is simple, we just don’t want to go back to the UK at all, but we have no choice. We’re so disenchanted with that country. I’m not saying I won’t cry when the plane takes off heading north, but the head has to rule the heart, for now anyway. And we’re both looking at the whole thing as a business deal that has to be done, mechanical as it sounds. Don’t misunderstand, TT will always have a place in our hearts, we’ve had many truly golden moments aboard our floating home. Six years, it’s a huge wrench and those memories will never be forgotten. But we’re all only here once and it’s time to move on. I once said to one of my friends we’d never move back to bricks and mortar, it was true at the time. But in hindsight, instinct said “never in the UK.”  

So it’s a good thing that the boat didn’t sell, things have worked out better for us long term. 

During our quieter moments last year we did our homework online and made some great contacts, who we’ve met up with here in real life. They’ve shared a wealth of knowledge with us, so many thanks, you know who you are!

Getting things in perspective is what life’s all about, and we’ve been there, done that, got the T shirt, and will wear it.

Life’s too short to do otherwise…

So basically, realistically, this isn’t a re-run of last year at all, it’s a whole new beginning…

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