Countdown to take off

With less than 48 hours to go till we arrive back in the UK, it seems surreal. We fit in so well here. Spain feels like HOME…

Going back won’t just be a culture shock, no doubt it’ll be a big weather shock too! Not prepared for wearing 3 jumpers, a big coat, scarf, gloves, leggings under jeans, (including socks) and boots. All at once…

This is just a short post, suitcases are almost packed and ready, so tomorrow is a “day on the roof terrace” and a meal out at night. Might as well go out in style rather than spending the whole day in a deeply frazzled state.

When we get back, I’ll show you some photos of what happened to the boat in a 90mph wind – the day before we were coming here. Hence another big job when we get back, we’re having ALL the wood at the stern of the boat replaced. It will be a job for a clever carpenter lining it up precisely with the lux con. With no expense spared, no maintenance required, someone’s going to end up with a fully fitted floating home to be proud of.

Future-proofed as she is already, there’ll be a couple of bonuses in store. If this sounds like an advert, I don’t care. It’ll be late May at the earliest before she goes back up for sale.

We’ve also got a wedding to go to at the end of April, our other son is getting married, something to look forward to amidst the gloom…! (Bought my wedding outfit here, spent about half what it would’ve cost in the UK). Only thing now is:

How do I fit that plus everything else “extra” in my BIG FAT suitcase??? Well, bung Dave a few Euros and I can rent space in his…

So, Tatty Bye from Espana my friends, see ya back in the UK. I’ll be able to take my head with me, but not my heart…

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