Unpacking 4 months worth of stuff

Arrived back in the UK about 5 hours ago, we’re taking a break and drinking white wine UNPACKING. It certainly was the massive culture shock I predicted it would feel like…

Coming out of the airport here, we were immediately hit with a 14 degree deficit in temperature. Then there was the journey back to the boat by taxi, 2 unrelated traffic jams and it’s supposed to be only a half hour drive. No it wasn’t the rush hour.

As for the “backwash from the floods,” we could all see quite clearly from the air, huge swathes of fields still flooded. (That’s after we’d lowered through the very thick clouds of course). The captain of the plane had no need to apologise about the weather, but he did, and gave us a warning of what to expect. Even though we’d all monitored the state of the landline for miles when coming in to land.

Something else we took note of was the still bare trees, yes it’s the norm here, but in Spain everything remains evergreen. No-one has to wait for spring to see green in Spain. Probably why it’s no big deal there.

So we came back today with our 4 months worth of bloated suitcases. Goodness only knows how we managed to fit it all in without incurring penalties. A true feat of engineering thanks to my other half. Me? I just throw it all in, then Dave makes a much better job of it. In fact it’s truly amazing watching him RE packing my suitcase, even when some of the contents walk over into his…

Anyway, at least TT has behaved herself for the duration. No problems at all, aside from the work I’ve already mentioned we have to do in order to sell up.

So here we are, back where we don’t want to be. One bonus, it’s lovely and warm inside the boat, thing is, we feel like hibernating due to the cold outside.

Forget the 8 mile walks we’ve enjoyed in a day, eight yards is too much…

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