About the boat disaster before we set off

In a 90mph gale, THE DAY BEFORE WE FLEW OFF INTO THE SUN, one half of the front screen blew “out” into the lux con, taking some of the surrounding wood with it. All I can say is it’s a good job no-one was out back at the time…

So there we were, instead of getting ready to go, we tried to make repairs. Dave was up on the roof with a mastic gun, but the head on wind was so strong I couldn’t hold the front screen up. (Not being able to reach the darn thing didn’t help).

It soon became obvious that our futile efforts regarding “instant repairs” were out of the question. Dave was in danger of being blown off the roof, and I was in danger of the window flying sideways and chopping my head off…

Fortunately friends came to the rescue, the wood was donated to us, cut to size, and someone else drilled it into the frame while Dave held everything straight in the wind.

As you can see in the photo, corners of wood both inside and out were also drilled in. Simply to make sure the sheer weight of the steel supports for the lux con were kept in the correct position. It had to be secure while we were gone, and it was reassuring to know that folks round here were keeping an eye on it.     

So for four months the stern of the good ship TT has looked like this:


The outcome? We’re having all the wooden (structure) you can see totally replaced, PLUS the wood that neatly sits round the stern. It’s the same height as the little door on the right, where part of the lux con is rolled up.

We’re also going to have three windows at the front rather than two. It’s going to cost us, but we learned our lesson last year (because of the hull needing blacking). EVERYTHING has to be right and proper for a sale. No work required, even if professionals will do it at the sellers expense…

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