What a difference a week makes

168 little hours, midst the rain and the showers,

Then there’s the smog, and it’s powers…

“Oh, what fun” (says she with much sarcasm).

Less than a week ago in Spain, we were bathed blessed with this, clean air, clean skies:

2014-03-18 14.52.40

In total, utter contrast, today and yesterday in the UK, we’ve been cursed with skies full of  pollution. Apparently it all originated with a “huge Saharan sandstorm” which brought masses of airborne man made shit emissions with it from Europe. (Including from here).

The computer generated “path” of it all on the news showed how it dragged itself from North Africa, to Italy, to Germany, to France, and then us. Thanks a lot. (She says with much sarcasm, again). Oh, and it totally bypassed Spain, well great, if this is going to become yet another regular climate change thing. Tatty Bye.

So this is where we’re at now…



Looking at this photo you’d think these 5 towers were still belching out crap – except they were decommissioned over 10 years ago…


So, not even a week, and it already feels like months since we saw and felt the warm sun.

And the impure pure irony of it all? The weather presenters are positively elated at the fact they can report with glee: “Not to worry, it’s going to rain tonight and wash it away.” {Tentative cheesy grins all round}

Oh well then, let’s all jump for joy! We’re really ecstatic about the floods being topped up again. Ah well if nothing else, it’ll certainly increase their number of weather freak followers on BBC Titter Twitter…

Note: (Says she with much sarcasm again, again).

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