There’s something I haven’t told you

I know I said that we wouldn’t buy a property in Spain without selling the boat first, but it was all about our intentions, not our means to do so…

While we were renting a property there, through our expert English estate agent, solicitor and (English speaking) bank. We trawled through various houses for a few weeks and eventually found “THE ONE.”

Dave flew back to the UK to spend the kids inheritance shuffle investments about, and we bought a fully furnished MAGNIFICENT three story house, in a gorgeous area of south Costa Blanca!

It’s about 3 miles back from the Med coast. The landscape rises quite steeply beyond the sea, so we still have the awesome view of it. The 180 view from the other side of it rises up further into the beautiful hills. Finalisation of the sale went through towards the end of February, we were given the keys to the kingdom and lived there for a month.

All of this was made possible by our fantastic financial contacts who helped us confirm and realise what we’ve already researched for the past year. Buying a property in Spain can be relatively easy if you know the English experts, and can distinguish a bad build between a good build that ticks all your boxes – and more. Within our price range we were only shown round one we would consider a “bad build.” Very nice inside, but it was obvious some tiles on the roof weren’t lined up properly and tiles outside were slightly uneven. NO WAY… 

I can only tell you about this now, because friends and family have been informed. I could give you a link to the 148 photos we took of it! But for security reasons I won’t show the property from the outside. Wish I could – you’d be gobsmacked. However I’ll give you a little taster of what it’s like inside, and it’s much bigger than it looks…

Open plan downstairs:

Dining area…


Living room area…


Door through to the first set of stairs and the downstairs bathroom beyond it…




Washer and drier in their own little house outside…


Marble staircase up to the second floor…


Huge master bathroom, couldn’t get it all in one photo…


Master bedroom, with king size bed and remote controls for moving the base into comfy positions…! There’s fitted wardrobes opposite that I can walk through…


Ceiling fans are HUGE…


Balcony outside the bedroom…


Bedroom number 2 is much the same.

What’s this? ANOTHER winding marble staircase…


Up to this…



And this…


With views like this…


Side garden…


Small section of the front terrace, high up from the little cul-de-sac road, (access for residents only) so it’s VERY QUIET…



The spectacular swimming pool (for residents only), just a few houses away…


Oh, I can’t wait to get back there…

6 thoughts on “There’s something I haven’t told you

  1. Hi both,

    I am really pleased you have found a place in Spain, it is so good when dreams are realised,

    Hope you have many years in the sun over there,

    Take care

    Nev NB Percy


  2. Many thanks Nev,

    We've still got a lot to do here first. But we'll get there for good eventually.

    An alternative lifestyle can be realised as you probably know.

    Take care of yourself,



  3. Hey up, there's room for a motor home down the side, might have to re-arrange the odd cactus or two though. Never mind, we'll just put 'em in the shed..

    H xxxxx !!!

    We'll meet up sometime over there!!!


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