Nice strike!

Well our son and his dad are playing ten pin bowling on the Wii, while I sit here all on my lonesome listening to the action. Why aren’t I going for the big ten with them? Well I’ve got to protect my leg from yesterdays NOT wonderful experience with the end of the bed…

Yes, in three words my thigh is (swear word) killing me. I mean imagine throwing a bowling ball down the boat with such pain? It’s a good excuse not to get thrashed anyway.

Aha, Liam’s just won by three points so without gloating, there’s a debate going on as to the why’s and wherefores.

No, hang on, Dave’s winning hands down on game two…

It’s touch and go, I should’ve been a sports commentator with snapshots?


One win all, so we’re onto a decider now, just heard “you need a (bleep) miracle.”

Then it’s Tiger Woods golf on the agenda…

Men, honestly, they’re SO competitive…

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