A Wedding and Multiple Coincidences

So Liam went back to Germany yesterday, after a happy, yet brief, overnight stay aboard the good ship TT with mom and dad. AND passing his intensive Fibre Optics course of some weeks. {Proud} It always leaves a deflated gap in the heart after saying Goodbye. But it wasn’t so bad this time because we’ve all got a wedding to go to!

In two weeks time our other son, Neil {who we’re also very proud of} is getting married to his lovely fiancé Tereza! Liam is best man – his own wife Maddy and our grandson Ryan will be with him. (Great!). Neil and Tereza also have a son to be proud of, our other grandson Jake. (Great again!)

The six of them make a perfect mix, and it’s an honour for us to be included and considered as being on the same daft wavelength as they are. We’re not a couple of boring old farts yet then…  

So we’ll ALL be together down in Devon. We’ve booked into the same hotel and staying for 4 nights. Well it IS a wedding, and we don’t see each other very often due to the sheer amount of miles between us around Europe. Do we need an excuse? No. Fact is, we have such a good relationship, it’s something everyone is REALLY looking forward to.

Hey, and I bought all my wedding gear in Spain, same quality, half the price of here. Gloat for a second,, shut up Heth because that’s really not important.


On a different, more sobering note: It’s “nose to the grindstone” after that for us, getting this boat out the water, sorted and ready for sale. We’ve got a specialist carpenter coming round tomorrow to assess the damage to the screen at the back. We both suspect the work will have to be done “in situ.” But we’re NOT moored in the right place for “in situ” work on that scale to be done. (It isn’t fair to boat owners nearby to have sawdust flying about). Oops…


Re, Coincidence: I was sending some photos of our newly purchased Spanish “Casa” to a friend earlier. And it crossed my mind just how many major coincidences we’ve discovered, over a relatively recent passage of time.

Firstly, the boat was being built in the very same year as our Spanish house. Just think, at the same time the steel hull of this boat was being welded together, and later on fitted out. Our recent, and more expensive “purchase” was being built from the ground up. Two and a half thousand miles away…

Previous to then, if a prophet of fortune had told me “In a few years time you’ll both be the owners of not just a widebeam canal boat, but a beautiful Spanish house too.” I’d have laughed my socks off and thought he / she / IT, was nuts… 

It was also the same year Liam joined the Army. And the same year us two went on a road trip in Florida, travelling round in a very fancy 3 litre Dodge Charger as our mode of transport.

It was at that point in our life, we both realised that once the kids have flown the nest, most parents stay IN the nest. But we had other ideas and haven’t regretted any of them…

Another less “intense” coincidence: The nearest airport to our impressive Casa is called “Murcia.” [Spoken: “Ma-thee-ah”] and the boat is moored at “Mercia” [Meh-thee-ah??] Marina. Get that.

As if that isn’t enough:

The guy who had this boat built was an ex fireman and drew up safety plans for various companies. Convenient knowledge for a floating home.

The guy who had our Spanish house built, owned a building firm in the UK before retiring, and knew the builder himself. No room for error.

We haven’t got a timescale for selling the boat and moving to Spain. But it would be nice if it “coincided” with when we realistically want it to. As things stand we can wander back and forth whilst leaving the keys with the broker.

If it all goes to plan time-wise, she’ll be on the market in early June…

If things all go to plan right now, the roast chicken will be ready for consumption right after I post this…

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