Cold and Damp

Well it’s been just over three weeks now since we got back from Spain. Seems like years ago since we locked down our “new purchase” like a fortress and flew back into the gloom.

Neither of us have been able to keep warm outside since. Inside the boat is nice and toasty, even the lux con is. (It magnifies warmth from watery sun to double what it really is). So I’m sat out back here and it’s 25 degrees C. BUT STEP OUTSIDE? No I won’t, and it’s still damp.

It seems strange that people all around us are out there in T shirts, even shorts! Get some layers on, that wind is freezing!

My standard gear for going outside at the moment:

  • T shirt
  • Jumper
  • Warm coat
  • Big fat scarf
  • Tights under jeans
  • Socks over tights
  • Boots

Who knows, maybe we’ll acclimatise, ha! We’re planning on going back to Spain in August. So IF we DO get used to the weather here, we’d have to re-acclimatise the opposite way round over there. Well at least it’s easier that way…

We went out last night and it was a case of “well I’m not getting all tarted up, I’d rather wear me thermals.” Never thought I’d hear myself say THAT.

Ah well, this here might help, it’s been in the fridge, yet brings with it a warm ray of sunshine from home…


Thank you Tesco. Never thought I’d hear myself say that either…

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