Get Me Out Of Here

The heading of a blog post doesn’t need a swear word

But this one does, so Blooming Heck old bean…

It could be said that after the wedding we’ve “crashed down to earth with a bump.” But surely it depends on where the landing is? Being positive, the world is a big place to crash into, and some places are nicer than others.

On the negative side it can also mean the crash site really is just that. AND it’s somewhere you really don’t want to be. AND there’s shit loads of stuff to do. AND all that crap comes before the area on earth you really want to crash is possible. [Profound or what eh?]

The crap crash site: Dave’s doing some little jobs on the boat today. Thing is, all such jobs (big or small) require tools, and Dave is one has lots of them. So they’re strewn all over the place, and the good ship TT looks like what must be an engineer’s idea of heaven.

Under normal circumstances the three toolboxes are stored neatly in a cupboard with their contents intact. Right now I can barely see the boxes because their contents are scattered everywhere.

And then, at some point, the inevitable happens:

“Heth can you just fetch {whatever} I left it on the side of {wherever}”

“No you didn’t, it’s not here.”

“Yes it is.”

“No it isn’t.”

“Look it’s th… Oh,, no it isn’t.” (Swear word)

“Well good luck finding it dear, see you in a couple of months or so.”

Where we don’t want to be: Stuck here in the UK.

Shit loads of stuff to do: Getting this boat ready for a sail sale.


However, there’s a carrot on a stick waiting backstage, tell you more tomorrow…

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