Going home to Spain in August!


Yes, we booked our flights yesterday and we’ll be taking off into the sun for 6 weeks regardless of what’s happening here with the boat. She’ll be up for sale through brokerage before then, so let them handle it…

[After yesterday’s post about “crashing down to earth,” let’s hope the plane journey isn’t part of that deal]

Can’t wait to be back where we belong. As a bonus, our newly wed son, his wife and our grandson will be joining us for a holiday at our Casa. My birthday is in August, and we were discussing best dates for them to pop over. Then we got onto the subject of hand luggage, so I kindly informed them they’d have plenty of room for all my presents…

Then there’s the bed. The bed? Do we peel ourselves off of our KING size whopper, donate it to them, and us sleep in bedroom number two or three?

Oh, decisions, decisions…


Those 6 weeks are a compromise really, Dave wants to stay on the boat till she sells, whereas I’d rather be over there in the sun… Never mind, we’ll be there for 4 months in winter as well.

We’ve got a warm and toasty boat inside, whatever time of year, so that’s where we stay for as long as possible when it’s cold! {Hibernation?}

Even so, neither of us can do another perishing winter in the UK, we just don’t go out here for that reason, but we’re “outdoor” people…

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