The Charismatic Coot with a problem

Just look at the damage wearing high heels too often can do:

Stood on a rudder, reflecting on life in general. Celia looks down and suddenly remembers to book herself in for a pedicure…


In an effort to share some helpful advice. I had a brief conversation with her about the pedicament predicament, and got a right good telling off for it.

“How DARE you suggest I’ve got BIG feet that require more than one box of corn plasters…?”


Oops, was just stating the obvious dear. [Slap foot hand]


So it’s cornflakes for breakfast tomorrow, corn on the cob for lunch, spag bol made with Quorn corn for tea.


Note: The quality of corniness in this blog post is truly inspirational isn’t it?? OK, I’ll shut it down.

2 thoughts on “The Charismatic Coot with a problem

  1. Not sure where to start. I have just spent many hours reading your blog back to early 2013. It´s a wonderful read but has created mixed emotions for me and my wife. We have spent 10 happy years here in Spain, near Benidorm, bringing our children up having given up on the UK. But now one is at university in Alicante and no doubt the other will soon be going our thoughts have turned to the next stage of our lives. We have always wanted to motorhome our way across Europe with Spain as a base. But I have increasingly been looking into buying a NB as a UK base. A little bit of you always yearns for the best bits of blighty even though you feel guilty about it because you know it hasn´t changed – and I agree with all your political digs – but you´ve gone and terrified the wife with reminders of the weather and proved all her worst fears! Spain is a great place to live, if you do not have to work. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for your blog, it would have been lovely to meet someone like you who has such insight into a world I have only just touched on and who is so obviously very entertaining. Hope all goes really well for you both, I'm somehow sure it will. And if you ever get bored, and you will, and want another hobby, trust me and try outdoor (yes outdoor!!) green bowling!! If you´re where I think you are there are plenty of clubs around you. Tony.


  2. Hi Tony,

    Thank you so much, you've brought a tear to my eye! Was reading your comment out to Dave earlier and my voice went all quivery!
    We were both lucky enough to retire early and get a “good package” (voluntary redundancy). Which also means we've been able to buy the house without a mortgage to worry about. While we're stuck here, our excellent solicitor has “power of attorney”

    I noticed I had a new follower and was going to send a message earlier but today's been hectic!

    As you can probably understand, not everything goes on the blog, including our location while we're not living there for good.
    Save to say, we're about an hours drive south of Alicante.

    My email address is

    Be nice to keep in touch that way, then details can be kept private, and more can be said. Sounds like you've had a great experience there in Spain.

    As you probably know, the boat was up for sale last year, but didn't sell because the blacking on the hull needed redoing. We were prepared to pay for it, but people just wanted to move straight in without it coming out of the water first which is understandable.

    So we took the good ship TT off the market while in Spain. Bought a house, and we're back here doing little jobs (some of which don't need doing but we're not taking any chances).

    She goes in the boathouse on 18th May for blacking, repainting around the gunnels (just above the blacking.) And new annodes on the hull – they repel electricity from water damaging the hull.
    And during that time we're having all the wood in the back cabin completely replaced.
    Someone will get a bargain here, being a widebeam, it's almost twice the width of a narrowboat. More like a floating apartment.

    We're willing to spend more on big stuff and sell, rather than not and she won't sell. Learned the hard way! So she should be up for sale at the end of May, when we'll defy any boat survey to flag a problem.

    The boat is moored at Mercia Marina in Derbyshire, you've sussed that though?!

    Anyway, great to meet you, and good luck with your future decisions. If I can answer any questions about canal boating, just email me.

    Take care over there! We're going back in August regardless!

    I realise it's nice to have the luxury of both options. Don't feel the need to bang on about it though.

    Must go, the coot, sorry, the chickens ready for tea.



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