The evolution of a Bank Holiday

In the olden days, Bank Holiday’s were all about where to take the kids. A trip to Blackpool for fish & chips in a greasy spoon cafe was a true delight to us all…

By the time we had our own kids, theme parks (with beef burgers) had arrived on the scene, so that’s where we all went. As the kids grew older, traffic became an issue. On Bank Holidays the roads were packed and getting anywhere turned into a nightmare situation. [A bit like it is all the time now] However, we were quite fortunate with the timing of that particular problem, because by then “the kids” wouldn’t be seen dead with “the parents” anyway. So guilt didn’t come into it…

In more recent years a Bank Holiday has turned into time spent with (or listening to) power tools. Men seem to compete with each other as to who’s is loudest. Wouldn’t surprise me if the power behind a man’s tool is noted as a status symbol between them all.

When living in a house at this time of year, not only are there the delights of listening to the DIY brigade, any potential for a brief peaceful respite is smashed by the lawn mower enthusiasts. Yes, this particular British Bank Holiday (today) is usually the one where, for most households, the first “grass cutting session” of the year occurs – all at the same time.

You’d think being on a boat might be a more serene Bank Holiday experience, and there’s no grass to cut either. Don’t be fooled, there’s still plenty of power tools waiting to pounce, and they’re usually LOUDER because steel doesn’t take kindly to being messed with. One guy on another pier has been angle grinding the paint off the roof of his boat for the past 3 days. Believe me, the delicate tones of nail’s down a blackboard would be a relief to hear at the moment. I SAID…

So go and moor up on the canal for a bit? Hmm, there’s workmen out there on the towpath with strimmers. Which means noise AND grass up the side of your boat.

Now this guy’s got the right idea, a friend of ours a few boats down. He’s been fishing amidst the PEACE and QUIET and caught this whopper of a carp:

All 18lbs and 15 ounces of it…!



No power tools required…


Little note: While we’re still in “happy holiday” mode. According to the latest viewing figures, this post hasn’t had enough recognition on the laughter scale it deserves. Perhaps I gave it the wrong heading.

“The vicar with the dancing eyebrows” might’ve worked better…

2 thoughts on “The evolution of a Bank Holiday

  1. I can relate to ALL of this, especially the angle-grinding. In our harbour the men take delight in seeing who's got the biggest piece of steel to cut, or the most welding seams to smooth off! It made me nod and chuckle for sure!

    My word verification thingy is :sojourneth Elweede…something to do with weeds coming to stay, methinks…they do in my garden!


  2. Hi Val,
    I was going to say I'm so glad I don't have a garden to bother with anymore. But I do! In Spain! At least there's no grass to cut, it's all tiled patios and plants in pots. Just hope the irrigation systems are still working!

    They have bank holidays over there, not always on Mondays, any day will do! And it's all about family time together which is really nice.

    Heth xx


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