The KING size lighter

Nearly as big as a remote, try getting that in your pocket…


Oh, and it’s also a torch, might come in handy when lighting up in the dark. I mean (optionally) lighting up your feet and the surrounding area at the same time must be a bonus. Genius. [No it’s not ours, borrowed it off a friend because it’s worthy of a silly photo]

Titter ye not though, (going through the archives of life) I remember coming back from a party late at night with one of my friends. A gentle whisper of a breeze came along just at the wrong moment, and she lit up her nose by mistake.

Poor lass had to be ferried to hospital, even worse, the parents were informed as to the cause. Oops, it was news to them. Nine Embassy Regal from the “Offy” (Off Licence) got bent in half and bazzed in the bin. Never to see the lit up light of day again.

Didn’t stop her though, as soon as the curfew was over and her nose healed up, she carried on as before. Except by that time she’d become an expert in the study of wind power…

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