All my Spanish potions are running out

Even that hurts mixed emotions at the moment…


Note how the brand names are universal, it’s just the written details that are different. However, confusion may occur when the only brand names on offer are Spanish born and bred.

With ref to the all important “kitchen frontline” necessities, you’d think Anti-Bac spray was also a universal title. But no, first time, I ended up with oven cleaner…  

I regularly read an excellent blog about an American lady who moved to Spain to teach English. A while ago now, she blogged about her two month wait, (because she was replacing someone who was retiring at the end of a school year).

With so long to mentally debate her huge decision, she talked about her mixed emotions during that time. Trepidation, walking into the unknown, missing family and friends, would she fit in? Was it the right decision? Yet after just 6 weeks there, all her questions were answered, she found happiness, and fell in love with the country. (Easily done).

After a couple of years, like most ex-pats she only goes back to her roots to visit folks. [Note: Visa’s are necessary for those outside the EU, and it can take a while to get one, because criteria have to be met]

It made me think about our situation. (I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently). In comparison, each day here in the UK seems to last a week, and interestingly, before moving to Spain for good, our own mental debate is the complete opposite.

After 18 months of research and excellent support, we’ve bought our dream home, it’s there ready and waiting. There is no trepidation, family and friends are miles away and have been for a long time, (so we’re used to that). There is no unknown, there is no doubt about our decision, “fitting in” isn’t an issue, and we’re ready. But, ironically HERE in the UK, ALL of the above apply, and that’s where ALL the stress lies. (Well, we have to be different).

Even though we’re going back to Spain in August, as of now, it’s not for good. So it feels like there’s too much time to spend here with nothing much to do amidst the unknown. Everything is “all about the boat” and timing of jobs being done by the experts. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, like this morning, I woke up thanks to a relevant nightmare I’ve forgotten the details of…

I don’t do nightmares, or feeling sorry for myself, or feeling depressed, but today it was so bad, in “slob mode” I resorted to watching Jeremy Kyle on TV. [Something else I don’t do is daytime TV] It was so pathetic it made me feel better! Get that for a truly weird tonic! HOW TO: Numb the brain within 5 minutes…

Psychology of JK: Easy. Exploitation of people arguing and fighting over pathetic problems they’ve either created through ignorance, or learned behaviour. Then couldn’t be assed educating themselves about life skills to change things. How sad is that?

It makes you realise however shitty you may feel, at least you’ve got the common sense to be achieving what you want. Even if it isn’t easy and takes longer than preferred.

Meantime Dave was down in the engine bay sorting out a load of stuff to chuck out. There’s so much space down there (nowhere near the engine), it’s a great place to store things you’ll never use again. One exception is the BBQ, (could be a selling point). When I told him what I’d been watching he cracked up laughing, as did I…

So we’re back on track:

Next Friday is the BSC (Boat Safety Certificate). Just think, in human terms, it’s the equivalent of your boat going to the dentist / doctor for a thorough check up.

18th May: The good ship TT goes in dry dock for 5 days. Bum smacked blacked, repaint along the gunnels, and 6 new anodes. Which reminds me I must book a hotel.

Somewhere between now and then, or just after: All the back cabin party space is being replaced, and is in the process of being built NOW. There are so many memories of fun and laughter with friends out here where I’m sat, they can still be heard…

So aside from memories which can’t be sold. She’ll be up for sail sale as soon as it’s all done.

Much as we’ve enjoyed our years of life afloat, we have a new dream that’s already more than two thirds real, and you know what that is.

Meantime we’re stuck “Somewhere Between All Or Nothing.”

Get used to it girl…

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