Claim to Fame again?

My first claim to fame was in 2009. This Balloon photo here went live across the whole wide world the whole of Lancashire and Cumbria, whilst the local weather girl spouted forth on BBC North West News.

Even had my real name on screen too, and it was sat there for longer than 15 seconds…! 

Marina Views 2009 (85) 

Blimey, we both thought the darn thing was going to do an emergency landing on TT’s roof at the time.

“Whoa! Mind the paintw,, Well look at that, he’s onwards and upwards again, quick grab the camera…”

Ah, those were the days, we used to get blue sky sometimes. It even looks a bit like the sky they have on the Costa Blanca, all the time…

Anyway, claim to fame #2 arrived in my inbox the other day, except it was a BIG FAT con:

From “North East Television” {Or NETV}

“Hi There I wonder if you can assist me.

My name is Kevin Mark, we are producing an 8 week TV series about boating in the UK and the lifestyle it offers to boat owners as well as educate new owners and will cover various topics including the RYA level 2 course, marinas in the UK, transportation, inusrance, and much more.

I am contacting yourselves to enquire if you would be interested in promoting your business with a TV ad reaching boat owners all over the UK as the show will broadcast on Sky nationally.

As we want to encourage businesses like yours that deal with boats, we are therefore able to reduce the costs and offer you the creation of an ad and broadcasts from as little as £400

Id love to have the opportunity of having a chat with you to discuss things further, if you could reply to this email with the best number to contact you on and the best time to call you next week that would be great.


Kevin Mark

PS; I forgot to add that any ad we create for you, we give this to you free to use on your site and use on youtube too!”

Aside from the obvious fact that it’s a mass email and the other fact that the word “insurance” is spelt wrong. The first paragraph is quite flattering, implying that one has a vast knowledge of boating bumf to share, and a first class honours degree in all things nautical.

Then we get down to the nitty gritty, those three words:

  • Promotion
  • Ads
  • Cost

Even worse, there’s a £ sign with the numbers 400 after it.

Business like mine? What business? Didn’t know I owned one. 

Perhaps Kevin or Mark or whatever he’s called, should be told he has no “business” asking. Inevitably, by the time we get to the last paragraph he’s got the begging bowl out. 

PS: It’s written as “YouTube” spell checkers don’t like youtube. [End chat]


Shame really, perhaps I should let him know we’re selling up, he can do an advert for that if he likes. Except he’d have to pay me 400 quid for the privilege…

Nope, we’ll stick the good ship on Apollo Duck thank you. For anyone who isn’t familiar, it’s a popular website that advertises boats for sale…

So people can go live in Spain…

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