The Great Premier Inn Rip Off

We’ve just booked the nearest Premier Inn to us for 5 nights, while TT is in dry dock next week. Total cost: £286.00, I kid ye not…

When booking online, they proudly announce on screen:

“Find rooms available from £29.00 per night!”

[FIND is the only appropriate word, but it still doesn’t happen]

Here’s the reality, a breakdown of the figures, and the cost for every night we’re there is different (?)

Room 1 (Double)
Price per night

Sunday 18 May 2014

Monday 19 May 2014

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Thursday 22 May 2014

Room total


So work that out if you can because it just doesn’t make sense. OK, there’s business people they can rip off during the week, and they must know which days are more popular.

  • But why is Tuesday so much more expensive? Free (unnecessary) spa treatment and an hour in the Jacuzzi perhaps, hmm… Still not worth it.
  • And why do Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday have but £2.00 difference between them all. Why not round them UP to Wednesday’s rate of £57? I mean with deals like this, what difference does one pound either way make?
  • And let’s not forget breakfast is extra, I have to pay £7.99 for a bowl of Special K…

Well I suppose it’s not quite as much as we’re paying for TT to stay in her own dry dock hotel, (with spa and skin treatment). Cheap change compared to that. But it’s the principle…

Just add it to the bill Jeeves…

2 thoughts on “The Great Premier Inn Rip Off

  1. Hi takeytezeyheth
    I tried to Goggle “Premier Inn rip off” and got very little results!,( so goggle is on the side of big business)whats new!
    But then i tried Yahoo and ended up with your blog listed on the first page!
    Thank you for saying what needs to be said about Premier inns.
    Premier inns are now using ” Dynamic Pricing”
    a horrible American idea, used for airline seating
    i have put numerous comments about this pricing matter on to their Facebook page.( you should do the same as bad publicity may get the message through to them)
    But now i now have stopped using them having found the upgraded Travelodge,s to be OK, and De Vere Venues, really good value when a sale is on, as well as smaller independent chains such as Principal Hayley.
    BTW when i stayed at the York Ibis for twenty pounds a room special on Saturday night 20/06/214 , the premier inn on the same road was WANTING 91 POUNDS!( having stayed there a week before , i can with confidence say its not worth that amount of money.
    take care and well done for the blog
    kind regards


  2. Hi Kevin,

    Glad you like the blog 🙂

    Aside from being abducted (!) I (we) won't stay there again.

    People must be getting wise, it was more than half empty every night. Except for one, when there was a wedding nearby and all the guests took over lol.



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