Remember the herd of cows on the doorstep?

Sat in the beer garden yesterday afternoon, it became apparent that the smoke alarm must have gone off in the lower field next door.

These are the smart ones…



These are the thick ones, huddled together hoping for the best, but in the wrong place…


Sod the fire alarm, these are the cheeky one’s that think breaking into a human’s house will keep them safe, despite any crisis elsewhere…


While the brown and white bugger scratches it’s neck on the corner of the house…


The black and white one contemplates a break in…


Then has a change of heart because eating window blinds is a much more satisfying option…


MOO and BOO…



Aside from being surrounded by big four legged things, I told you we were out in the middle of nowhere. That’s the last converted Pretty Premier Inn “stable room” on the right there, and the view beyond. Nice eh…?



This is the humble entrance hidden between two buildings…

SAM_1698 (2)

And here’s the full thing…

SAM_1699 (2)

Yes, that’s it…

SAM_1705 (2)

SAM_1708 (2)

And there’s the restaurant…

SAM_1706 (2)

Plastic food and crap wine that costs a fortune, but never mind. It was a rare, warm sunny day. So we sat outside till the clouds moved in good style…

Didn’t take long…

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